///GFSI-approved schemes

GFSI-approved schemes

D. L. Newslow & Associates, Inc. and EAGLE Certification Group are proud to bring you a 3-day interactive course that focuses on sustainability, risk analysis, and continuous improvement of management systems. Whether based on an ISO, a food safety or other focused standard, this course addresses the most common pitfalls that we may encounter as our compliant system matures.  Many times after certification everything seems to be going well, then all of a sudden, we encounter a major process breakdown. How does this happen? Why do systems fail? What went wrong?

The course instructors definitely have the experience with over 1,000 audits between them. This course will discuss the challenges that may occur within a system and how we can be proactive instead of reactive with those challenges.


  • Sustainability and the role of the key elements
  • The challenges and failures of the key elements 
  • Managing  “risk analysis” effectively and its role as a continuous improvement tool
  • The top ten reasons management systems struggle
  • Common failures and how to prevent or fix them 
  • How to ensure audit readiness at all times
  • Educating your associates – understanding the audit and effective responses
  • Culture, communication and the effective management system
  • The role of “change management” in an effective management system


Plant managers; team leaders; management representatives; system leaders; ISO, FSSC, SQF, BRC, and IFS associates responsible for defining, implementing and sustaining an effective management system; internal audit team members; project managers; continuous improvement managers; line supervisors; quality control and quality assurance managers; top management; members of the operations team; any other associate interested in learning more about maintaining and improving an effective management system. 

Registration Information

Course instructional materials, professional certificates, lunch and snacks are included. Please contact us if you have questions, or would like information on available discounts. We can also design a workshop specifically for your organization and present it at our training center or at your site.

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