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Is Food-grade Always Food-safe?

by Lance Roberie

There are key differences between these terms.

What? Why would food-grade not be food-safe?  What is the difference between food-grade and food-safe? Doesn’t it mean the same thing?

These may be some of your initial thoughts. So, what is the difference between food-grade and food-safe? Read more...

D.L. Newslow Announces Partnership with Mr. Rod Wheeler

by Debby Newslow

D.L. Newslow & Associates, Inc. is proud to announce our partnership with Mr. Rod Wheeler of the Global Food Defense Institute!

To read more about this exciting development, check out our press release on PRWeb! Click here to read more.

Rod is famous for his appearances on Fox Business, where he discussed matters of food safety, homeland security and law enforcement. His years of unique experience make him an engaging and dynamic speaker. FSMA requires that businesses consider food defense when writing their Food Safety Plans, but this is often overlooked in the flurry of Preventive Controls certification. Join us for an exciting new course, Food Defense Management Certification, in Orlando, Washington, D.C. or New Orleans!

Rod Wheeler, of the Global Food Defense Institute, Brings Food Defense to the Table

Orlando, Florida: D.L. Newslow & Associates, Inc., local food safety and quality management system training and consultancy firm, has partnered with Mr. Rod Wheeler of the Global Food Defense Institute and a contributor to Fox News Network, to offer Food Defense training and consultation services. These courses cover topics such as site vulnerability assessments, writing food facility defense plans, and training management and front line workers in food defense.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (2011) requires that all facilities that manufacture, process, pack or hold human food intended for consumption in the US perform a site vulnerability assessment and take steps to protect the food chain from terrorism and other threats, including security awareness training. Mr. Rod Wheeler, who has been an on-air contributor to Fox News since 2005, served as a fraud investigator for the attorney general for the state of Ohio, and was a homicide and death investigator in the Washington, D.C. Police Department, will be teaching these workshops and is available for consultation or training on-site at client facilities.

Sadly, we never know when we might be the victim of an attack, and these courses will arm you with the information you need to make calm and rational decisions in the face of such a terrifying situation. Research has shown that training in emergency response does make a difference, and people who have been trained are less likely to panic and make bad decisions when faced with a defensive emergency. Rod Wheeler’s Food Defense Manager Certification is the ideal curriculum to prepare for the unknown and give you the best chance at emerging unscathed from an emergency such as a terrorist attack or active shooter situation. Classes have been scheduled in Orlando, New Orleans and Washington, D.C.

Rod Wheeler also offers several food-based defense and crisis management courses that can be tailored specifically for an organization or individual facilities.

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